So Much To Do

“There is just so much to do, the day is brimming with opportunity and great things await and time just seems to whip past with ever increasing velocity. I will always have time for you, for you fill me with energy and I thrive on your passion and I need in you in my day because you empower me to do so much more and the day is brimming with opportunity and great things await and there is just so much to do! ” ~ Mark Strosnider

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Those that Succeed

“Those that succeed were not predestined for success, they are not blessed with greater skill and luck was rarely responsible for their success. They succeeded because they relentlessly pursued success and accepted nothing less!”
~ Mark Strosnider

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It’s a tough market and when the going gets tough, the tough get NICE!

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To Create Positive Change You Need to Get Out of Your Box!

I have a partner in this business and he is a bit edgier than I am. He’s lead a hard life and has a little different approach than I do. Take him with a grain of salt and he has some good advice. My good friend Rockhead. Email him


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Do You Have a Plan?

If you want to finish the year strong and get great success for your clients, you need a plan!


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Take a Small Step Forward and Get More Control Over your Career

For many of us the kids went back to school today and we have an opportunity to get a little more control over our schedule. Watch this video to see what a small change can do for you and your business.

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I Know it’s Urgent but is it Important?

The day starts in a rush and before you know it you are knee deep in it. Time is crunched and there are things to do ….lots of things to do! How do you prioritize? How do you mange? How do you attend to the important and still deal with the urgent?

It’s a constant struggle in your business to address the things that are truly important to your business and still mange to take care of the urgent problems that arise. To be truly effective you must focus on the important and not simply the urgent.

Here’s an example: We all know that routine maintenance is important to keep your car running efficiently and that if we fail to address small problems they can easily translate into big problems or even a breakdown. So it’s important to do routine maintanence and it’s urgent that you repair breakdowns. They same is true in your business. It’s important for you to stay in contact and service your clients because this leads to referrals and additional buisness. It’s urgent when you have no business that you repair the problem with new leads. It is easier to attempt lead generation on a regular and consistant basis, treating it as routine maintenance and not having to deal with it as an urgent breakdown that needs repair.

Start the day with a to do list and on it list the 3 most important things to do for your business and also list the most urgent needs of your business. Prioritize the list and set aside time to address the items. Don’t let others manage your time…take control of your day and proactively cross the items off your list. The urgent things can probably wait an hour until you address the important things first….feel short on time? try starting a little earlier! Make sure before the day is over that you have done the important and managed the urgent as best you can. In the long run it’s the best use of your time and will serve your clients well. To help others, you need to be in business!



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