Surviving The Real Estate Rip Current

Reviving a post from years before that, with just minor modifications is relevant in today’s market.

Surviving The Real Estate Rip Current

The key to surviving a rip current is to swim out of it, not against it.
Most swimmers REALTORS ® will panic and try to swim against the current.
They will tire quickly and soon go under.

Stop trying to fight the market, change the market or pray that it changes to one that suits your current clientele. No matter how good you are, how influential you are or how good looking you are ….. you cannot change the market! It would be like trying to reverse the course of a river, an impossible task and more importantly why would you invest the effort.

GO with the flow!

Focus only on the things that you can affect. Create your desired results by identifying what this market offers and taking full advantage of it. Find the clientele that benefits from the market or adjust your approach to get as much as you can for your existing clients.
If the market is an irresistible force, then you need to stop being an immovable object! Swim with the current until you can get free of it. Look inside for solutions and focus on yourself.

Your Attitude
Your Amplitude
And your Aptitude

These are the things that you control and that you can effectively use to create change. Positive results begin with having a positive attitude. This is a market designed for the real estate professional. Your value to your clients is at an all-time high. You are the information source for your clients and real estate consumers and their reaction to this market is dictated by how you present the situation and your analysis of market. The market is suffering from sudden change, an inconsistent supply of inventory and threats of rising rates. Confusion and uncertainty lead to indecision and a create lack of confidence in the market. Don’t feed the problem with a negative attitude; get behind a solution by pursuing the advantages the market offers. Interest rates are still near historic lows, for people with good credit and a reasonable down payment loan money is readily available, inventory is mixed with shortages in some pockets and prices are on the move but have not been overly inflated. If you establish buyer expectations and are prepared to react, some excellent opportunities are available. Sounds like the description of a pretty exciting real estate market. Most of our clients are well positioned to take advantage of what the market offers and of those that are disadvantaged by this market, need to sell for reasons that are not market driven and will sell regardless of whether it’s a good time or bad time for them to sell. They still need your help to determine the best available solution.

If working hard last year did not yield you sufficient results, then consider doing more of the things that got you positive results and stop doing the nonproductive activities. Focus on your amplitude, turn it up a little and work harder. It’s not an easy solution and it shouldn’t be, just working a little harder than you have should produce better results if you go into it with your attitude in place. What other choice do you have? Either get busy working hard to make yourself a success or look for another profession.

You also have the option to get better at what you do. Do the same amount and do it smarter, faster more effectively and your results will improve. Take a training class to improve your skill set. Add to your skill set and increase your value to your clients. Your aptitude may need a little fine tuning, skills you haven’t needed in years need to be brought out and dusted off.

About Mark Strosnider

I am an Owner and the MD Broker for RE/MAX Town Center. I am a real estate trainer, coach and REALTOR®. We have offices in Germantown, Clarksburg and Potomac MD. "Start your day with a positive thought to create a positive start!"
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